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School uniforms
Sports equipment
Bed linen, towels and curtains
Study lamps
Outings and holiday camps
Computers for school projects
Fuel for our bus

If you can help with any item on our wish list, please contact us!

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When we asked our children to write out their 'wish list' recently, their answers almost broke our hearts

Not one of them asked for expensive toys or clothes. Top of their list was 'a real family of my own', followed by 'to be normal', 'go out to the mall with school friends' and 'choose my own clothes'.

Your time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give these children ... because it makes them feel important and special just like their classmates.

Befriending a St Mary's child can range from the simplest action, like phoning on their birthday or sending a card, to attending a school concert or sports day, or taking two or three girls to the mall to shop. In other words, interacting with the child like a big brother or sister, auntie or uncle.

If you would like to befriend a child, please contact our social worker on
011 435 3820.

Hosting a child involves a greater commitment, inviting the child into your home for a day or weekend - especially over the holidays – and involving them in your family life, treats and outings.

If you would like to host a child, please contact our social worker on
011 435 3820.

Birthdays – At St Mary’s every child’s birthday is a special celebration of their life.  Birthdays are celebrated individually, regardless of how many children celebrate their birthdays in one month.  St Mary’s feels it is important for their children to know that despite living in a children’s home, or not having any family left, that they, as individuals are special, loved and counted as one of our precious children.

Sponsoring a party, baking a birthday cake, or just sending a birthday card will go a long way towards making a big difference to a child’s birthday.

If you can help in this way, please contact us on 011 435 3820

Matric Farewells - Making Matric Farewells memorable occasions is especially important to us.  There are many opportunities to assist such as sewing a dance dress, helping with hair and make-up and transport or taking photographs.  Things you would do for your own son or daughter to make them feel extra special!

If you can help in this way, please contact us on 011 435 3820

Homework – everything from listening to a Class 1 child reading, to helping with projects and 'testing' to see if children are well prepared for tomorrow's lessons is appreciated. With 52 children sitting down to tackle homework every afternoon, the more willing ears and eyes, the better! Or if you are skilled in a particular sports, our children could benefit from your coaching. Extra tuition is always essential before our children write exams.

If you can help, please contact us on 011 435 3820

Transport – with only two busses between all the children and 14 schools to drop them off at, making sure each one is able to get to extra murals, lessons, doctor's appointments and friends' homes is a nightmare! If you have a car, a valid driver's license and some spare time in the afternoon, you'll b welcomed with open arms!

If you can help in this way, please contact us on 011 435 3820

Gifts in kind – there's almost nothing we can't use! Soap, shampoo, toilet rolls, tissues, deodorant .... fresh fruit, milk and other food items ... bed linen, towels, rugs ... paint, light bulbs, cleaning products ... in fact all the things you need to run your own home!

Gifts in kind may be dropped off at the Home every weekday from 8am-4pm, or tel. 011 435 3820 to arrange collection.

Administrative work – if you are computer literate or have book-keeping skills, your talents could be put to use helping out at our office for an hour or so a week. Please contact us on 011 435 3820.

Fundraising – set your imagination free! Run a marathon and get your friends to sponsor you ... hold a dinner party and charge your guests an entrance fee ... hold a jumble sale and donate the proceeds to St Mary's ... make a collection for us at your church ... celebrate your birthday or anniversary by asking friends to donate to us in lieu of a gift.

If you have a special fundraising idea you'd like to discuss with us, please contact Sonja on 011 435 3820.

Donate cash – if you have the heart to help, but not the time, gifts of cash are always desperately needed and gratefully accepted. Click here for more information.